Current Dance Obsession: Valtari

Welcome back friends!

This post doesn’t require much talking from me; I’m more interested in what interpretations you all experience!

The piece, in my opinion, is simply exquisite.

The notions of initial connections (visual, physical, emotional), trust, “oneness”, equality, and romance all swirl together in a visually stunning work. It is a piece that has me watching it over and over to dive deeper into the story as it pulls my soul in tighter and tighter. The superb dancing alone is reason to watch; the combination of music, cinematography, and movement make it a film to love.

Enjoy, Valtari.


Written & Directed by Christian Larson. Choreography by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. Music by Sigur Ros.

Danced by the lovely Nicola Leahey and James O’Hara.

Let’s get a discussion going and leave your interpretations in the comments below!


Dance Obsession of the Month: Matthew Tseng


I have a new-found love for Matthew Tseng and all of his absolutely gorgeous choreography. He’s based out of LA and frankly he is incredible. It doesn’t hurt that he has some of the most talented and beautiful dancers in all of his videos either! This video he made to ASTR’s “Operate” is BEYOND fierce and the music just makes the sass in me ooze out!

Okay okay I’m being a little dramatic, but give this a look-see and then tell me you didn’t watch it 30 times on repeat like I did. 😉