The True Cost: A MUST-SEE Documentary


About a week ago John and I were spending an entire day in bed watching movie after movie after movie. I really hope this is something that most people do cause I’m going to feel like a real slacker otherwise.

Anyways, we ended up watching Pitch Perfect (I know I’m like the last person to have seen this movie, and it was AWESOME), The Maze Runner, Dare, and saving the best for last, The True Cost: A Fashion Documentary.

This. Film. Is. Impactful.

I haven’t been so moved to change the way I live since Food Inc.

I realize we live in a world where we can pretty much learn about anything we could possibly imagine thanks to Google. And it is impossibly overwhelming how much injustice and suffering that is happening in the world at this very moment. But I am running with the mindset that we have an obligation to at the very least be mindful and educated about the world we live in. And that we all have the power to live our lives in the most compassionate and thoughtful way possible.

This documentary forced me to examine why it is I consume the way I do. I’m a self-proclaimed product-junkie and no one loves online shopping more than I do. And I had never taken the step back to realize what kind of impact that was having on MILLIONS of people. It’s so easy to just turn a blind-eye to something that is happening on the other side of the planet; places that most of us will never come face to face with. But if the kinds of injustices that are currently happening to so many people were happening to Americans, for the sake of the comfort and lifestyle of another country, it would be unacceptable and looked upon as a great travesty. Then why is it that the world is allowing this to happen right now? Simply because the countries where it is happening are poor? Because we have immense wealth so we can force these people to live the way they do because we want more stuff? Stuff. It all comes down to wanting more and more stuff. Useless STUFF.

We are so lucky in America to have been born into a life where we can literally become anything we want. We have the freedom and opportunity to choose what to do with our lives and be able to sustain ourselves incredibly comfortably. But┬áso many┬ápeople are not born with the same advantages. And I for one do not want to be a part of the problem; I don’t want other living beings suffering on my hands.

I refuse to be comfortable with knowing that the farmers growing the chemical-laden cotton for my shirts are getting cancer from pesticide exposure. I refuse to accept the principle that people are being paid $3 A DAY to make hundreds of clothing items with their own hands. I refuse to shop with a clean conscience knowing that thousands of people are dying because of unacceptable working conditions due to the cost-cutting practices of giant corporations. I refuse to be a part of the problem.

I live with the belief that there are basic human rights. HUMAN. We are gifted with the ability to be aware and conscious of the vast world around us. Why wouldn’t you extend yourself past your own bubble?

Please go watch this film. I hope it impacts you and opens your mind as much it did to me.

Let’s make a change for the better, together. xx